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Rotary hammer GBH 2-26 DFR

Drill dia. in concrete with SDS-plus flute drill
bit in steel (with drill chuck)
in wood (with drill chuck)
with hollow core cutter in masonry
Recommended drilling range
Drilling performance in normal concrete
(8 mm dia. with S4)
Rated power consumption
Power output
Rated torque
Rated speed
Impact rate at rated speed
Individual impact force
Machine weight

4-26 mm
up to 13 mm
up to 30 mm
up to 68 mm
8-16 mm
34 cm³ or 80 cm/min
800 W
360 W
28 Nm
0-900 rpm
0-4000 rpm
2.2 J
2.9 kg

Also in a set with adapter and keyed chuck